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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Revit Kid.com!: Revit Tutorial - Speedy Stepped Footings (Method 2) #Revit #BIM

Here's a cool post from my friend,Jeff The Revit Kid.  One of the things that fascinates me is the different approaches between the CAD and BIM process.  The SD/DD/CD workflow of CAD makes me wonder exactly when you pay attention to something like footings, slabs and columns.  Two weeks ago in Orlando, I was disgusted with the column layout in the garage of a client.  Instead of columns and car spacing being between the car stops, instead I had to do a limbo dance to get out of the car with the column right where the door opens.  

I know the structural aspects of the building aren't very important, but some of you BIM builders will see this as a great foundation to your future.      

An email from Andrew sparked an idea in my head... A while back I started the Student to Student Revit guide. I created a stepped footing using the model a mass in place, seen here:


This is definitely a way to create a stepped footing... But, if you want to actually utilize the analytical model built into a Revit Structural Wall Footing (you know, getting the I in BIM - Information!) then here is another method.  By the speed in which I created the second set of stepped footings you can decide which is the best one:

Topics covered:

  • Creating a foundation wall.
  • Splitting the wall.
  • Using parameters to create ACTUAL footings...


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