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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Revit Quiz: Why does my Door Family with 2 Nested Doors appear as 3 in my Door Schedule? - The #Revit Clinic @revitclinic

Did I ever tell you the first thing I ever saw in Revit that made me fall in love with it was the automatic door schedule. As a contractor, who's done his share of counting and measuring, I mean estimating, I've never seen a door schedule that matches the number of doors on a project. How do most architectural firms solve that problem? Easy, they stop including door schedules.

Let's put it this way. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. I stopped paying the bills. Why is it so difficult to put an accurate door schedule with non BIM software. I can imagine that pocket doors, which don't have the 90 degree and arc may not make it onto the schedule, but other than those, there's really not an excuse for not properly documenting the CDs.

Anyway, enough of my thinking that Revit is adoorable. I think I've used up my window of opportunity .

So, here's another great type from the Clinic. Enjoy and put on some music by The Doors.

Source: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/01/revit-quiz-why-does-my-door-family-with-2-nested-doors-appear-as-3-doors-in-my-schedule.html

Starting a new series today, with some quick one question Revit quizzes. If you have any feedback please do not hesitate to leave some comments below…

The scenario is as follows:


You have a custom door family, containing 2 nested shared door families. You use the host family to lay out the nested families. When you schedule the doors, you notice each instance of the custom family is being counted as 3 doors versus the expected 2. Why is this?

Click here for the answer

Check below for 2 approaches

1. You can set the host door family to another family category, such as Generic Model. This is how similar families, such as cased openings function. In that case, only the 2 nested door families would schedule. For a good recent post on this check out Dept. of Reviteristics - An Opening isn't a Door on Revit OpEd.

2. Create and add a shared parameter in the door families; it could be a Yes/No Parameter called "Schedule". Then in the host family, un-check "Schedule".

Lastly, filter your door schedule to exclude any matches. Simple video example, with no sound, here.

Link back: Revit Quiz: Why does my Door Family with 2 Nested Doors appear as 3 in my Door Schedule? - The Revit Clinic


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