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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seth's Blog: Consider the category of 'without apology' #BIM #AIA #IPD

I have to tell you that I need a blogger's vacation.  When I was at AU, someone approached me and started to ask me questions about starting a blog and where I got my material and some other questions.  I was at the blogger and press party at the time.  Unfortunately, when I looked at his badge, he worked for another reseller. 

I wasn't about to give all of my secrets away to the competition, much like many architects I know who don't want their competitors to know that they are using a secret weapon to win more work.  It's a little program called Revit. Contractors are doing the same thing.  As I sat in many AU presentations given by contractors, I laughed inside at each one.  They showed the results of their use of BIM, but not one showed how they actually got to their end result of reduced time, increased quality, reduced RFIs and change orders and increased profitability.  I went so far as to talk to one of the GC speakers and ask him about that.  He said that they struggle with how to do their presentations without giving away too much and they have to scrub their presentation to not give away their secrets.

I had the same problem when I gave my BIM Bids Only presentation at AU09.  I wanted to leave people with more questions than answers because the truth is, the deeper you get into BIM, the more questions you have as to how to make it work as quickly as possible and be the most efficient.  With the lessons learned from my staff, every new implementation we embark on for a new client goes even faster than the ones before.

This all leads me to this morning's post from Seth Godin.  Do you every apologize to your clients, consultants, owners or others?  What caused that?  Why do you have to issue RFIs and addendums.  Why are there all of those little clouds on your drawings.  If you're so concerned about the line weights, hatch patterns and making your drafting sheets look so perfect, why does every sheet look like a thunderstorn with all of those clouds on it?

Aren't those clouds apologies for errors, omissions and coordination issues?  What happened to the quality of construction documents?  What happened to the quality of your staff?  What happened to your use of technology to improving the process?  Remember, you switched to AutoCAD years ago to improve your business because it was "Auto" CAD.  Why the resistance to Revit and the BIM process now?

I sometimes wonder if I should ever apologize for what I write in these posts.  Short answer is I won't.  You don't have to read it if you don't like it.  I am BIM unfiltered and it is for the good of the AEC industry that I make a blog post EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I am committed to helping you make money, be more profitable and give you the ability to never have to apologize for the quality of your work.  Is BIM more expensive than CAD?  Just ask any owner who's had to approve another change order putting the project 15% over budget.  It's not about your costs, it's about the owner's costs and how do you apologize to him for another clash in an uncoordinated discipline.

BIM (and LEED and IPD).  It's about a technology, workflow proccess and collaborative approach that is without compromise.  Have a wonderful Sunday.  See you tomorrow.

Source: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/01/consider-the-category-of-without-apology.html

Consider the category of 'without apology'

People will go out of their way to buy and recommend products that don't require an apology.

Posted by Seth Godin 


Nuno January 9, 2011 at 2:04 PM  

Please never give it up writing on my favoryte blog. I´m an architect from Portugal and a beleaver in Revit and all this fantástic world of BIM, IPD...strugling to embrace this tecnology day by day. We all know that it isnt easy, yes,but we also know that we never can stop to learn even if there is a cost of many houres and dedication along the last 3 4 years...
I´ve been silent but let me say that I had been here with you sinse last 2 years... and reading day by day your posts. Best Regards. Nuno Pacheco (48 years old feeling like 30..)

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