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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Seth's Blog: That's not the way we do things about here / Y2D #BIM #AIA #Architects #IPD

I am happy to tell you that I have been struggling with what to use for my first post of 2011.  My original thought was to go with something about 1/1/11 which looks like  1 1 1 1 which looks like 2D lines that are just offsets from each other.  Is this the  year of lines?  Ugh.  Reminds me of 1982.  Also, can you believe it's been 11 years since 2000?  Remember the Y2K bug that the world was afraid of.  

OMFG!  This  just popped into my head.  We still have the Y2D problem That's "Why 2D" for those of you still hung over or oblivious to my humor and creativity).  Why are you still using 2D software to run your business? It's not a bug in your software that prevents you from using your computer, it's a bug that affects yourbentire business process, workflow, methodology, timeline, quality of creating construction documents, coordination and collaboration and costs billions in lost time, money and efficiency in the AECO industry. Just like the Y2K which did affect some people and computer systems and created a huge panic in the world, the Y2D problem affects millions of people every day. Why haven't people done anything about it? As a side note, for ose of you who are going to steal my Y2D idea and thoughts above, please make sure you give me credit and a venal or written link to Revit3D.com. Thanks.        

Do I start off on a positive note, something sarcastic, some great tip to save you 5 minutes a day or pick a rant to start with.  I was at a New Years Day lunch yesterday when someone said "happy new year" to me.  I said " you know that that phrase refers to one second of the year.  It's literally the one second when it becomes midnight.  I then said "I hope you have a happy rest of the year.".  How long has everyone been using the first phrase without realizing what a small segment of time they are referring to.  

This all leads me to Seth's post for today and welcome to 2011. Happy New BIM!  

" if your goal is to encourage innovation, you blew it."

Read the entire post: That's not the way we do things about here:


Steve January 4, 2011 at 10:57 PM  

Greg, could you please leave out the four letter OM__ swearing abbreviations? At the least it is not professional. At the worst it is offensive to those of us who believe in God. Thanks. Steve

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