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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Troubleshooting Cut Pattern Alignment RT @RevitClinic #Revit

 by Ryan Duell
Taking walls as an example, there are several locations you can add a cut pattern to the wall display such as:
Coarse Scale Fill Pattern - Displays at Detail Level Coarse
View Filter – Displays at all Detail Levels
Material Cut Pattern – Displays at Medium & Fine Detail Levels
Phase Graphic Override Cut Pattern - Displays at all Detail Levels
Often one or more of these may be active at the same time, which may lead to some conflicting results.  Let's review some important items to keep in mind…
1.  When you create or edit patterns, the default orientation in host layers is Orient to View.  This means that the pattern will not stay aligned, if applied to a wall as it moves.  You can change this to Align with Element, and it will stay aligned to the element with location or angle changes.  There are 3 important defaults for Align with Element behavior:
-The drafting pattern needs to be used as a cut pattern in a host [walls, floors, roofs & ceilings].
-Align with Element only functions for Detail Level Coarse when used in a View Filter or Coarse Scale Fill Pattern [see #4 below for one exception to this rule]:
-Align with Element does function for all Detail Levels if it is applied in a Phase > Graphic Override > Cut Pattern.
2.  If you have patterns not aligning, and the Detail Level is set to Coarse, make sure that the Detail Level [for the element such as walls] under Visibility/Graphic Overrides > Model Categories > Detail Level, is set to By View.  If it was overridden to Medium or Fine the pattern would not align because the detail level of the view is being overridden.
3.  If you happen to have a coarse scale fill pattern, view filter pattern and phase pattern applied simultaneously they should appear in the following priority [top to bottom]:
-View Filter Cut Pattern
-Phase Filter Cut Pattern
-Coarse Scale Fill Pattern
4.  When phasing is involved, and a Phase Filter uses Overridden for one of the categories, check the Graphic Overrides tab.  When the Graphic Override for a Phase Status has a material applied under the Material column, and you have a View Filter Pattern in the view, the View Filter pattern can Align With Element for Coarse, Medium & Fine Detail Levels.
Let's look at the following example for #4:
Wall Element - New Construction
Phase – New Construction
Phase Filter – Show New [Set for Overridden for New]
My Phases > Graphic Overrides are set as follows:
With this setup my View Filter Pattern [set to Align with Element] will rotate with my element for Coarse, Medium & Fine Detail Levels because it was changed from By Category to Overridden:
With the exception of Show Complete, the default phase filters have new elements set to By Category, and Existing elements set to Overridden.  If you are ever wondering why a pattern on an existing element rotates with the element where a pattern on a new element does not, this is most likely the reason.
Here is a video which shows an existing and new wall, when a View Filter is applied


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