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Monday, January 3, 2011

When Did Employers Stop Training People? #BIM fail #AIA #architects #Revit

So where exactly are you going to find all of those highly qualified BIM modelers, BIM managers and coordination and sustainability experts? All of this years of whining about the cyst of the software and training that your industry depends onto earn a living, remain profitable and relevant should pretty much all become a major CADtastrophe this year as business starts to pick up.

When did you stop being a mentor and become a tormentor? Rush rush rush! We need to get those drawings to the client first thing Monday morning so you'll all have to work this weekend, honeymoon or not. What happened? Why the resistance to technology? When did 2D become good enough to not move forward! When did it become acceptable to replace all of your designers with CAD monkeys? Do you thinkthey will do much better?

Can a 4" pipe fit in a 4" wall? What is the actual width of an 8" wall? Where do the control joints go? Are you hip to a gable roof, Clark? Truss me, this BIM thing will need a lot more ongoing training than CAD ever did. Of course, it will lead to making more mobbed and being relevant again. I just wonder what the onezy twozy firms are going to do.

Maybe I will ask the AIA if you can get CEU credits for reading my blog daily. Would you like that!

ON 12.31.10

I was just talking to Buck about high-end electricians -- the guys who install major industrial power systems (yeah, breakfast-table conversation in the Breath household is sparkling). Apparently (according to Buck, I haven't checked), this is one of the many areas where there's a generation of skilled workers retiring, without people on line to follow them.

Generally, talking about getting a job today, it's a commonplace that you can't get looked at for anything unless you have experience doing exactly that thing. It's a Catch-22 for job-seekers: you can't learn how to do anything useful in school, you need on the job training, but employers don't voluntarily do on the job training anymore. And it's not great for the employers either, because it's hard to find people with perfectly tailored experience for your openings, so if you don't expect to train your hires, you end up hiring any idiot who fits the slot.

When did that change? It seems as if employers used to accept that largely, they were going to hire generally competent people without all that much specific knowledge of the job, and train them, but that assumption went away across the board sometime in the last couple of decades, and nothing functional has replaced it.


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