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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Without A Net: In The Box: OOPS #BIM fail

Oh, this is going to be fun. So, there are several thousand commands and icons for AutoCAD. One of them is so easy to make fun of.

I wish I could hear the comments of the first users of AutoCAD. What did they say about the complexity, limitations and all of the other issues with the first million users. This is almost too easy. There's a command call OOPS? I wonder if this command is available for Revit users. Oops, I never should have done 2D CAD. Oops, I should have started using Revit sooner. Opps., my reseller was right and Revit is so much better to design with. Oops, I should have made my engineers switch to Revit. Oops, I should have paid for Revit training. Oops, where am I going to get Revit designers to replace all of these CAD operators. Oops, I shouldn't have kept dropping my fees and I have no idea how to charge more for BIM. Oops, I should have started reading Gregory's blog 3 years ago. Oops, I should have taken the LEED AP exam and now don't have time to learn how to be sustainable. Oops, I shouldn't have worn that dorky tie to work today. Oops, I should have taken time to count and schedule all of the doors in my CAD drawing. Oops, 1.4 + 1.4 doors shouldn't be rounded up to 3. Oops, I made too many oops comments.

There you have it. My commentary on OOPS. Is there a polyline OOPS command? Just imagine typing POOPS in your AutoCAD command line. This whole obsession
with drafting buildings with a command line is just so absurd.

Why wouldn't you want to automate the design process? Why would you want to manually draft every single line on a screen to draw a set of documents for a building.

Why would you want to do your job in such an antiquated way? Why would you not want to invest in new technologies that make the construction process better.

OOPS. It's too late to UNDO all of your past mistakes. Where's the FORWARD command?

Source: http://withoutanet.typepad.com/without_a_net/2011/01/in-the-box-oops.html

Today's featured command is OOPS and was recommended by Without a Net readers, Richard Woollacott and Todd Rogers.
The OOPS command has been around for a very long time but I couldn't nail down exactly how long so I asked dave espinosa-aguilar if he knew. He dug through his old AutoCAD manuals and found a reference to it in his 1.4 (AutoCAD-86) manual so it's a least been around that long and probably longer:
autocad-86 manual page.jpg
In the same way that LAYERP is a like a targeted undo for recent changes to layer settings, OOPS is an undo for the last set of objects you erased. Whereas UNDO undoes operations you've performed (in reverse sequence), with OOPS you can erase something, do several other operations and then issue the OOPS command, and the erased objects will be restored without affecting the other stuff you did in between.
OOPS is a good for when you realize, several commands later, that you actually shouldn't have erased that set of objects a few commands ago. That's the beauty of OOPS: you can have 200 commands between now and the time you last erased something and OOPS will bring it back. Before there was an option to retain objects when creating a block, OOPS was ideal for getting your objects back after they were turned into a block.
There are a couple things to know about OOPS:
  • OOPS is only good for one resurrection at a time. Unlike UNDO, there is no stack for OOPS; once you restore the last set of erased objects the OOPS command will have no affect until after something else has been erased.
  • You can't use OOPS to restore an object whose layer has since been purged.
  • It is somewhat common that using the UNDO command can affect OOPS; not too surprising considering what those commands do. Your mileage may vary.
I know that OOPS is old hat for many of you but I expect there are new AutoCAD users for whom OOPS is brand new and shiny.
Thanks to Richard and Todd for the suggestion and dave e-a for the historical research.

Original Link: Without A Net: In The Box: OOPS


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