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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Bottom Line - #BIM

I was having a conversation last week with a customer. He's an HVAC subcontractor who started with AutoCAD 3.  We were having the most wonderful conversation about CAD, BIM, construction, the evolution of design software and during part of the conversation we were talking about blueprints and output.

It was at that moment that I had one of my little BIM epiphanies.  One of the differences between CAD & BIM and architects & contractors are lines.  Architects are focused on line weights and colors and contractors are focused on the bottom line.  
As long the conversation is about the output of constuction documents, how the line weights, hatch patterns, fonts and annotation symbols look, and not about the efficiency of the design process using BIM in lieu of CAD, your bottom line will always be in the red.  
I know how important you think line colors are, and you'd think the line color of your balance sheet would be more important than any layer or color or weight of a line on a screen.   Ask any contractor if they care what a line looks like on a blueprint and then ask them about the importance of a fully coordinated set of construction documents.  I still haven't figure out who the people are in the process that are so obsessed with how the lines look on a piece of paper. 


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