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Friday, February 25, 2011

Comment on Architects Billing Index comments. ABI vs RBI

Thanks to Randy Deutsch, famous BIM guru and soon to be internationally published author for his thoughts below.  I thought I'd share them with you since most people never see blog comments.  

randydeutsch,  February 24, 2011 7:32 AM  

Wow. I turn my back for a few minutes and there's 6 new posts! You've been hustling, Gregory. And you even announced the AutoCAD WS app update faster than the time it took for the update to pop up on my iPhone. Smokin'!

Interesting take on the billing index. Here's what I'm seeing: most architects are unable to leverage more fee for working in BIM. This is for 2 reasons: BIM's use is still not always driven by the owner. This leads to the 2nd reason: owners need to be informed and convinced of BIM's many benefits. I know you are daily doing your part on this front - we all need to.

I am also not seeing projects taking considerably less time to produce for teams working in BIM. This is probably due to architects not always knowing what level of detail is desirable vs. necessary to produce the model and documents, and the general law of nature that we will fill in whatever time we are given (an architect, like nature, abhors a vacuum.) This will change with greater comfort and familiarity with the tools and process - its coming soon, just not quite there yet.


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