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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Green Building Growing Despite Recession - blog.iesve.com

This is encouraging. 

Source: http://blog.iesve.com/index.php/2011/02/01/green-building-growing-despite-recession/

We've been discussing the incredible potential of green building, and how it can flourish even in this economy.
Well, potential has given way to actual proof.
According to a report by McGraw-Hill, "The value of green building construction projects begun in 2010 was 50% higher than in 2008…representing 25% of all new construction. The report projects that the green building market will continue to expand, reaching $135 billion by 2015."
This is fantastic news, not just for the industry, but for all of us. A couple more points Buildaroo highlighted from the report:
  • One third of new non-residential construction projects were green projects
  • Green building reduced operating costs by 13.6% on average for new buildings, increased new building values by an average of 10.9%, and increased the return on investment by 9.9% on average for new buildings and 19.2% for retrofits
So it's now a fact - green building can make you lots of money while saving the planet. In fact, it has become arguably the most lucrative sector of all green industries. It's a credit to the engineers, architects, and builders who have worked tirelessly to advance the cause.
It just makes too much sense these days. Everyone wants to save money, and at a time when all construction has taken a severe hit, sustainable construction has been a catalyst for keeping the industry, and thousands of jobs, afloat.
But we must remember that we're not done yet. While these statistics are very encouraging, we shouldn't rest until every building is as sustainable as it can be. And you can bet that IES will remain steadfast advocates for making all buildings green buildings.


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