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Friday, February 18, 2011

I lost money today on a BIM project

Well, I didn't really lose it.  I look at it as an investment.  Via my blog, I met a woman named Rhonda.  She's an out of work drafter.  When I last spoke to her, she was going into foreclosure the following week.  The day she contacted me, it was about an MEP engineering firm that contacted her for Revit training.  She had been doing Revit training through a consulting business she had with her son.

She didn't know Revit MEP, so she called me to see if we could do the Revit MEP training.  "Of course", I told her, "that's our speciality.".  I told her if we got the work, I would give her commission.  She said that wasn't necessary, but I told her that people like her our my best partners and it's what I do.  

So, we contact this firm and had a meeting with them.  They decided that they were going to learn Revit MEP on their own and would contact us if they need additional support.  Well, about 3 months go by and today we got a purchase order for 3 days of Revit MEP training.  Apparently, learning an entire new technology and workflow aren't as easy as they seem with Revit MEP.  

Tonight I called Rhonda to let her know that we finally got the client and asked her for her address so I could give her the commission.  In case you're curious, it's for $350.  Yes, anyone reading this who helps me get Revit training or consulting anywhere in the US, I'll give you a commission check to.  Might as well use the blog for good for my company.  

Rhonda was so happy about the check.  I asked her how things were going.  She lost the house and moved into an apartment.  She still hasn't found a job, but did recently get interviewed by an engineering firm (who happens to be a client of mine, so I'll put in a good word).  She had to give up her training domain name and someone else has it and that's killing her.  I told her that maybe my check and my BIM passion will sprinkle some good luck on her.  

I hope Rhonda and I find many more deals together.  It's devasting to see what's going on in your industry.  How much longer can this last?  It's tragic to invest in your work and your career, only to lose your home like that.  

I hate to say it, and some of you won't believe it, but very soon, this BIM thing is going to explode.  It's going to happen a lot faster than it took AutoCAD to saturate the world.  There aren't enough people out there who are fully versed in Revit and BIM to fill up every architecture, engineering and construction firm.  How are you going to deal with that problem?  CAD operators are not going to be the best suited people for BIM.  It is going to be years before you have enough people trained.  Of course, I've figured out how to fix that problem, so I'll be waiting for you.  

Let's hope Rhonda and many others like her, get back on her feet again soon. 


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