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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project Vasari Technology Preview 1.1 Update Now Available - It is Alive in the Lab


Project Vasari is a simple conceptual modeling tool with cloud-based sustainability analysis. To see what's new in this update, check out the what's new page.

Project Vasari on Autodesk Labs

The download is an EXE that you simply place on your computer and run - no install. Like always, there are videos. For those of you without YouTube access, you can download the videos.

Windrose Project Vasari TP 1.1 - Ecotect Wind RoseWindRose.wmv
Planarsolar Project Vasari TP 1.1 - Ecotect Planar Solar Radiation AnalysisPlanarSolar.wmv
Nucleus Project Vasari TP 1.1 - Project Nucleus Integrationnucleus.wmv

We welcome your feedback to labs.vasari@autodesk.com or our Facebook forum.

Keeping the feedback coming in is alive in the lab.


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