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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RIP, #Palm: 1992 - 2011 & #Sprint, you suck so I've included a phone number for the best #Verizon rep in the world.

Having been what I thought was an early adopter of technology, I got my first Palm Pilot in 1997. I got rid of my Palm Pre in July of 2010. That's 13 years of dedication to their platform, and even though today HP retired the Palm brand, the Palm Pilot operating system was easy, friendly and served me well for all of those years. I did have Sharp Wizards from 1988 to 1997. At least it was pretty easy to transfer the data to the Palm.

I moved my company to Verizon and the Droid X this past July. I had been a Sprint customer since 1996 and their customer service went from bad to miserable. Their standard answer is no to any question, problem or issue. I went through 8 Palm Pres. They kept cracking at the charging port. They kept telling me to replace the units through insurance. Sprint, I hate you, your service sucks and it's no wonder so many people move to Verizon every day. Through one of my favorite websites, www.consumerist.com, I was able to find the email address of the top corporate people at Sprint. Even to the very end, when threatening to right the blog post I'm writing now, they wouldn't allow me to break my contract with them at no charge, even after 14 years of being a loyal customer. They are truly the company of no.

Sprint's personnel and managment are incapable of saying yes to a customer and doing the right thing. The more they focus on the bottom line, the more customers cross the line to other carriers. If you move to Verizon, call Matt Marino in their business department. Direct: 1-877-731-3040 ext 2345. Not only do business customers get an 8% discount, but if you're a contractor and member of ABC, you can get up to a 20% monthly discount. Plus, Matt and the Verizon team treat you like royalty. I've never been so impressed in my life. Of course, tell him that Gregory sent you and I get nothing in return for this.

Now that Verizon has the iPhone, it's the perfect time to jump ship and leave Sprint to wither away. It's all about treating your customers right. As the president of my company, it's my job to make sure every one of my employees goes above and beyond for our customers and our prospects. Ever ask your reseller why they don't have a blog like mine and give you the information you need to keep your business and skills strong?

It's all about loyalty and loyalty is a two way street. I know a lot of you keep using the same reseller year after year, but what do they really do to show their loyalty to you? Are they going above and beyond to make your life better? At least in Florida, I expect to have every architecture and engineering firm move to my company because of the solutions and services we provide. All Autodesk resellers get their software at the same price, so what differentiates any of us? I can tell you that I got 4 new clients in the last week as a result of my blog. I love writing every day and it's such a creative outlet for me to share my thoughts and passion with you.

Let's face it. You all have problems. Whether it's productivity, planning, performance, programs or your people. I love finding the solutions to those problems. It's what makes what I do with BIM so consultative and not transactional.

Before I go, once last jab at Sprint for treating me so crappy. Below are names and phone numbers. If you're a Sprint customer and unhappy, you've got nothing to lose. I'll highly recommend contacting the first name on the list, Jerry Adriano, their "Customer Experience Executive". What a joke. Customer experience? I used to dread going into the Sprint store. The day the Palm Pre came out, I was stuck in the store for 2.5 hours to get everything set up. The lines were stupid long. Sprint lost 25 customers/phone lines the day they wouldn't work with me on all of the problems I had on my account.

To have to send an email blast to the highest executives at Sprint to get a problem resolved is pathetic. As I said before, if you don't enable your front lines to make decisions and proactively help customers, then you will have no customers.

Call Matt at Verizon. Move to a company that cares about you. They'll probably even give you a discount to offset any termination fee from Sprint. Sprint screwed me for several hundred dollars and maybe this post will get me my money back months later.

I hate to be an asshole about this and perhaps it's not something you want to read about how a company treats it's customers, but it's important. I learned so much from the experience with Sprint that I used to improve my own company's dealings with our customers. You're important. You spend money with companies. It's important that you have the right to let them know how you feel and they must change to keep customers happy. Of course we all love Autodesk and this has nothing to do with them, so please don't infer anything. This is about Sprint versus Verizon only.

Sprint has set up a special phone number directly to the executive customer service queue just for Consumerist readers.

Use this number
1) For good
2) If you have a major problem with Sprint
3) After you have communicated with at least two different customer service reps and asked to be escalated to a supervisor at least once.

Magical number, ...703-433-4401

and more from Consumerist.com - http://consumerist.com/2007/02/sprint-ceos-phone-number-and-25-other-sprint-execs.html


Adriano, Jerry - Customer Experience Executive | 913-762-8080 | jerry dot adriano at sprint dot com | KSOPHI0306 - 3C555 | 03503

Carter, Matthew - Base Management Executive | 913-794-2200 | matt dot carter at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0310 - 3A203 | 10000

Curran, Jim - BCS Executive | 913-762-1238 | jim dot m dot curran at sprint dot com | KSOPHE0210 - 2A101 | 07132

Digiorgio, Bryan - SVP Of Customer Care | 913-794-1705 | bryan dot digiorgio at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0410 - 4A603 | 10000

Garvey, Kim - Executive Assistant | 913-794-1671 | kim dot garvey at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0410 - 4A107 | 10000

Hallier, Shelley - Director | 913-794-1132 | shelley dot r dot hallier at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0402 - 4B465 | 10000

GARY FORSEE-CEO (703-433-4040) FAX 703-433-4352

Angelino, Mark - SBS Executive | 703-433-4440 | mark dot angelino at sprint dot com | VARESP0501 - 549 | NX9733 - 00100

Fleming, Denise Russel - Director | 703-592-5536 | denise dot r dot fleming at sprint dot com | VARESP0501 - 575 | 01532

Foosaner, Robert - Govmnt Affairs | 703-433-4144 | robert dot foosaner at sprint dot com | VARESP0503 - 561 | NX1785 - 00100

Garcia, John - Cable JV Sprint Only | 913-794-1393 | john dot a dot garcia at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0302 - 3A603 | 18900

Giarraputo, Joy - Assistant | 913-794-1501 | joy dot e dot giarraputo at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0410 - 4A421 | 00937

Hill, Christie - Corporate Governance | 703-433-4216 | christie dot hill at sprint dot com | VARESP0513 - 503 | NX1289

Kelly, Tim - Chief Marketing Officer | 913-794-1670 | tim dot kelly at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0410 - 4A103 | 10000

Kennedy, Leonard - Corporate Legal | 703-433-4274 | len dot kennedy at sprint dot com | VARESP0513 - 502 | NX1209

Land, Meghan - Office of the CEO | 703-433-4094 | megan dot land at sprint dot com | VARESP0507 - 5030 | NX1652 - 10500

Price, Sandy - HR Executive | 913-794-1001 | sandra dot j dot price at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0310 - 3A127 | 00895

Saleh, Paul Office of CFO | 703-433-4436 | paul dot saleh at sprint dot com | VARESP0512 - 583 | NX0974 - 00100

Walker, Kathy - Chief Network Officer | 913-794-4000 | kathy dot a dot walker at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0310 - 3A377 | 01263

West, Barry - Chief Technology Officer | 703-433-4578 | barry dot west at sprint dot com | VAHRNF0401 - 4070 | NX5901 - CTO00100

White, Bill - Corporate Communications Executive | 913-794-1099 | bill dot white at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0310 - 3A103 | 00089

Russ McGuire, VP of Corporate Strategy, at

Jeff Clemow Business Marketing

Original Link:
RIP, Palm: 1992 - 2011 -- Engadget


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