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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The technology of the Porsche 911 #BIM #AIA

This is spooky.  I was having lunch today with a general contractor and her VDC Manager.  That's virtual design and construction for those of you who are new to BIM.  I have a conversation and then the article below comes out.  We were having the most incredible conversation and as we were talking about the AEC industry, she said, "it's going to become the CE industry."  She is a principal of a firm that is one half architecture firm and the other have is a BIM construction management firm.  Guess whos been laying off all of their CAD operators and replacing them with employees with construction backgrounds.

You haven't even begun to see the metamorphis of how BIM has completely distrupted the architectural industry.  Ive been saying it for years, and it's actually all coming true now.   Now it's just up to the BIM architects to partner with BIM contractors and you've just wiped out all of your competition.

Anyway, as part of the conversation, I had mentioned that my favorite car in the world was the 911. I asked them a question about which came first, the shape of the 911 or the engine.  If we parallel it to the A/E CAD methodology, I imagine they designed the car first and then dared the engineers to fit an engine in the back that had high horsepower.

What comes first in your buildings?  The floor to floor and ceiling height, or the MEP systems in the building.  See how many billions of dollars are lost every year from these coordination issues from MEP clashes, we can assume that the MEP systems are an afterthought to the design process.

This is why so many contractors are forced to take your CAD drawings and go to the trouble of converting them to Revit models.  Keep drawing in CAD and watch the contractors make more and more money and become design builders.  Extude this!

Oh, last thought.  The Porsche 911 has had roughly the same body style for the last 48 years.  Wow, that's longer than AutoCAD has been around.  Wait. I cannot even dare to compare a Porsche to AutoCAD.  One's really really fast and the other is really really slow.  I'm not saying which is which, you'll just have to figure that one out for yourself.

I  can only compare Porshces to parametrics.  Revit racer.  So, think about the engineering feat and longevity of this incredible vehicle.  Then try to guess which came first, the design or the engineering. 

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/23/the-technology-of-the-porsche-911-video/
Regardless of industry, there are few brands more iconic than Porsche. And, of all the car shapes that have sprung from clay over the years, few are more evocative than the classic 911. It started in 1963 looking like a slightly stretched Beetle -- which it wasn't much bigger than. It's considerably larger and heavier now, having lost much of its design purity in the ensuing 40-odd years. Still, its same basic shape and layout remain: bug eyes up front and boxer motor in the rear, slung between the back wheels.

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