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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 BIM Resolutions

Source: http://www.digitalvis.com/allroads/blog_entries/2011-bim-resolutions

Randy?  What are you doing writing posts on that blog?  Why aren't you writing those posts for me?

Digital Vision Blog
Don't worry. I'm not about to list two thousand and eleven separate BIM resolutions. But I will share with you 11 really important questions that you ought to ask yourself as you enter the year ahead. Start off by asking yourself:

What will you do in the next year to promote and help spread the word of BIM? Will you participate on online conversations or add your comments to LinkedIn discussions? Will you write an article for an online or print journal? Will you guest-post on a BIM blog? Or better yet, if you haven’t already done so, start one of your own? Will you be willing to give a presentation on the topic to your own firm? Already on board? Are you willing to take the show on the road and present on the topic at Autodesk University (AU) in 2011? AU call for proposals to be announced in March 2011.\

Click to read the rest.  Great article...



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