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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Autodesk Building Design Suite Matrix and cost savings

This slide makes it all very simple.
I'll tell you that just this morning, I had a client in our office who has AutoCAD Architecture 2011 and 3ds Max 2011 on subscription.
He wanted to get Revit Architecture Suite.
Here's the dollar decision.

Renew subscription on AutoCAD Architecture $595 and 3ds Max Design $495
Total $1090
Crossgrade to Revit Architecture Suite $1195
Next year renew subscription
Renew for Revit Architecture Suite $725 and 3ds Max Design $495
Total $1220

Now, here's what he can do instead.
Renew subscription for AutoCAD Architecture $595
Crossgrade to Building Design Suite Premium $1495
Next year renew subscription
Renew for Building Design Suite Premium $975

Here's out the money breaks out.
Total for the original option $3505
Total, now that there's an all in one option $3065
That's a $500 savings for this year and next and $245 each year thereafter.


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