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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

...more about #Archicad crybabies and #Autodesk Building Design Suites (Real BIM!)

In the midst of my endless blog posts in the last few days (and my apologies to Jay Zallan for the twitspam #Revit tweets) I made a blog post about Archicad users the other night,
Apparently, the Archicad users missed the point of that blog post.  It wasn't a comparison of Revit Architecture 2012 versus Archicad whatever version they're on.  It was about the new Building Design Suite packages.  
My comment:  With the new Building Design Suites that many blogged about today, there's just no way that Archicad will ever have the features and benefits of the Autodesk BIM solution.
Apparently, they didn't bother to see what that was about before  making the comment "a rather childish and condescending blog post".  My phone has not stopped ringing in the past two days from people wanting to switch from AutoCAD to the Building Design Suite Premium and Ultimate.  The game changer is this incredible package of tools that 
1.  No other software company in the design world has
2.  No one has the toolset that Autodesk does
3.  It's so freakin' cheap to get the whole package
4.  The Building Design Suites will forever change the world of the AEC industry and I think that BIM will explode with Autodesk's brilliant strategy (which I must say I was completelyl against when I first heard about it).

Forget about adding Revit Structure and Revit MEP for a second.  You can add 3ds Max Design for $1495 from a current version of Revit Architecture Suite, AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD.  It's $3495 normally.  The fact that you get Revit Structure $5995 and Revit MEP $5995 thrown in as well is crazy.  To switch from AutoCAD 2012 to Revit Architecture Suite is $2395.  It's cheaper to get everything in the Building Design Suite Premium than to just go to Revit Architecture alone.  

 ...and then the comments started...


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Anonymous Lux said...
I'm sorry but this year I am NOT impressed by the improvements in Revit Architecture 2012. I expected better, as the things I see in this list: http://simpledesignsense.com/blog/2011/01/06/12-new-features-for-revit-2012/ Archicad users can sleep peacefully
March 22, 2011 6:14 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
If we want to brag then it would be better to go and compare Revit not to Archicad but to its bigger brother Allplan. While I see quite a few Revit users crying for long awaited tools and improvements I see Allplan users sitting quite comfortable behind their desks already for many years.
March 23, 2011 6:18 AM
Blogger Scott D Davis16 said...
Lux....you took a post from January (prior to anyone being allowed to talk about new releases of Autodesk products) which is actually a users personal wishlist and thought it was a REAL list of improvements? The line right below it about "revit making eggs benedict for you" didn't clue you in on the validity of this post?

  ...and then there's this.  My favorite comment from the Graphisoft forums.  Peter, thank you for completly missing the point of my post and not getting it about Building Design Suite, not Revit.  It's about the whole concept of BIM, collaboration and let's not forget about real engineering tools.  


Peter Clark

Senior member

Joined: 28 Mar 2007
Posts: 1595
Location: Wiltshire, UK
Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:20 am    Post subject: Re: Revit 2012 Another horrible release   
I like the new 'create assembly' tool. I could see it implemented in ArchiCAD a bit like the internal elevation tool but looking inwards with extra automatic top and underside views.

I've also noticed a rather childish and condescending blog post by a reseller on the bimboom blog saying how sad he is for ArchiCAD users and that we should 'give up the fight' now that R*vit 2012 has been released!  Is it just me or is there still very little comment or reaction by R*vit users online yet, and the few that have commented so far (and aren't resellers) are mainly negative?  So where are all these tweets and blog posts he mentions that we should be crying over?

I'm not sure many of the features announced would actually help the average residential architect who doesn't build bendy swoopy buildings i.e. 95% of all architects, so perhaps it's the majority of R*vit users who should be 'giving up the fight' and moving to ArchiCAD instead!

(Awaits the deluge of posts from R*vit users!!  )

...and now...enough about Archicad.  I've wasted enough time on that.  Let's get back to our regularly schedule Revit posts.


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