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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...Old School.....

Remember Abbot & Costello Who's on First?

Don't know how this popped into my brain, but how about Abacus & Cadstello.
Who's on Layer 0?

Corny or very accurate to those clinging to their old ways and technologies.
I don't know anyone who actually knows how to use an abacus, but I'm sure there were huge lines for the AbacusPad 2 which was much lighter and faster than the orginal AbacusPad.

Do you have any appreciation for how far we've come with technology?  I know you Revit lovers do, but what about the rest of you reading this.  How are you ever going to make the transistion from the abacus to the slide rule.  I'm sure there was a huge pushback on that technology.  
It seems that it's the same crap over and over, over the centuries.  People just never change.


J March 29, 2011 at 9:59 PM  

Oh but thats only partly true... while many people wont change I say let them go the way of the Dodo bird... leaves more food for the ones who can evolve... but I am not a salesman so I feel for you!

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