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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When Copying or Inserting a Detail Element the Orientation is Rotated RT @RevitClinic

I want to outline the following scenario:

You have a Detail View which was added in a Floor Plan View.  The detail view contains a detail group.  At some point the callout or the crop region of the detail view is rotated changing the orientation.  When in this detail view, you copy the existing detail group and paste it.  Instead of the expected matching orientation of the existing group, it is inserted rotated.

The new detail group instance should reflect the floor plan orientation the detail view resides in.

Even though the detail view was rotated, new instances of the detail group will reflect the host view orientation.


If you want to create a second instance matching the original detail group orientation, you can use one of the following tips:

1.  CTRL + Drag to Create Copy

Hold the CTRL key > drag the detail group to create a copy.  The orientation should match the original instance.

2.  Copy > Paste Aligned to Same Place

Select the detail group instance > Copy > Paste Aligned to Same Place.  Then move the new instance down; the orientation should match the original instance.

Included below is a quick example video of the above scenario and two approaches for reference [no sound]; at the end take note how the orientation matches the floor plan angle:

Video Example


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