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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Without A Net: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac Update 2

Without A Net: AutoCAD 2011 for Mac Update 2
Source: http://withoutanet.typepad.com/without_a_net/2011/03/autocad-2011-for-mac-update-2.html

Autocad 2011 for mac update

An update is now available for AutoCAD for Mac at the following link:

AutoCAD 2011 for Mac Update 2

Note: The previous updated, AutoCAD 2011 for Mac Update 1, must be installed before installing Update 2.

Update 2 resolves problems that have been reported by the Customer Error Reporting (CER) utility and other general problems identified after AutoCAD 2011 for Mac Update 1 was made available. Updates have been made to the following features:

  • 2D Display
  • 3D Navigation
  • Blocks
  • Clipboard
  • Command Line
  • Find and Replace
  • General UI
  • Menu
  • Open/Save
  • Plot
  • Properties Inspector
  • Render
  • Start-up/Close
  • External References (Xrefs)

I recommend you thoroughly review the accompanying readme file before applying Update 2. The readme includes important installation instructions and details on issues addressed by this update. Most people don't actually take the time to review readme docs but I know from first-hand experience that a little reading beforehand can sometimes save you a lot of grief later.


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