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Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 #Revit 2012 Timesavers RT @RevitClinic

 by Ryan Duell
I've organized some of my favorite enhancements below with the 2012 release which either save a few clicks, or make displaying something in the project more efficient…
1.  Project Browser right-click Shortcuts
In the Project Browser you can now right-click on Legends, Schedules/Quantities and Families as a shortcut to the tool.  This is similar to the previous right-click Sheets > New Sheet functionality.
2.  Semi-transparent Selection
By default Semi-transparent element selection is active [you can disable or change the color under Options > Graphics].  This creates a dynamic approach to select an element and automatically view it transparent.  Quick method for viewing through an exterior wall into the project, without overriding any element settings…
3.  3D Connexion Support
If you have a 3D Connexion device, you can now utilize it to navigate in Revit 2012.
For many users this may be one of the best new features for 2012, which opens up some great shortcuts for navigating the model.
3Dconnexion 3D Mouse
4.  Saving all Families \ Export Family Types
You can now easily save all families from the project under Save-as > Library > Family > <All Families>.
You can get here even quicker using the process in #1.  And speaking of families, for anyone who has ever created a Type Catalog, you can now export or import your Revit family types in this format.  It helps streamline the initial type catalog creation and formatting.
Exporting Family Types
Loading and Saving Families
5.  Editing Requests
You can now view editing requests directly inside Revit on the status bar.  This makes it easier to see if you have any pending requests, and allows you to automatically grant a request directly from the dialog.
Worksets and Editing Requests on the Status Bar
Granting a Request to Borrow an Element


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