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Saturday, April 16, 2011

AutoCAD Civil 3D is now available for download

Breakfast is an important start to your day, and Civil 3D is an important start to every project.
As architects, when the owner gives you your design fee, you get the choose the project team right?  So what do you do?  You hire the cheapest engineers or the ones you've been working with for many years because you know what you're getting from them is consistent.

But let me ask you a question.  What if you chose an engineering firm based on how much easier they make your process of creating construction docuements?  Wouldn't it be better to spend a little more on firms using Civil 3D, Revit Structure and Revit MEP so you would have better coordination, more information and a timeline that flowed much better with design, engineering and construction management?

Isn't that cheaper in the long run?  So, why aren't you demanding that your engineers make the same investments that you do and get the damned software and pay for training?

Have you ever thought about how much you're paying your engineers to convert your drawing styles and layers to theirs?  Probably 10% of the fee goes to BS CAD conversions.

What a bad way to run your business.  Forward this on to your civil engineers.  Make them call me.  If it helps you and doesn't cost you any money, why wouldn't you?  I'll even give you commission for the referral.  $$$$ Sounds good doesn't it?  Yet you sit here reading this and don't act on it.  Act or react.  Proactive or Perish.  The choice is yours.  The decision is yours, but not for much longer.  Owners are getting wise to these technologies and will soon be demanding them of you on IPD projects. 

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