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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BIM Job Opening Blog Post - Disney BIM!!!!!

Wow, here's something you don't get every day. I just got an email from a Walt Disney World Imagineering Professional Recruiter. Yeah baby, I'm going to the show. Anyone have an 'E' ticket?
If you or anyone you know may be able to fill this position, please email me the info and I will forward it on to them. revit3d+disneybim@gmail.com

The recruiter didn't know this, but my company does training for Imagineering in Florida. I figured I should tell you that so that when you need BIM training, you know who to call.

In the meantime, let's find someone to fill this position and show the world that this internet thing connects us all together in ways no one ever imagined.

My name is -------- and I am the Professional Recruiter for Walt Disney Imagineering and I was hoping to seek some expertise from you. We have a great opening for someone to lead our structural engineering team her in Glendale, CA and was wondering if you may know of anyone at the manager level who may be interested. In addition to be a great leader, we are hoping for someone who also has that great technical expertise in 3D, IPD and BIM. They would oversee a small team of core engineers in addition to a team of consultants based on our many projects.

Feel free to give out my contact info so that they can reach out to me directly.

Thanks again for sharing any of your great insights with us!



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