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Saturday, April 16, 2011

BIM - Object Enablers

Thought: If the 3D vertical software has object enablers so you can work with your 2D CAD projects, then is AutoCAD an Object Disabler?
It's a shame that people add intelligence to their designs and all that hard work goes down the tubes when others bring it into CAD and crush that intelligence into lines, circles and arcs.

Autodesk - AutoCAD Civil 3D Services & Support - Object Enablers

AutoCAD Civil 3D Services & Support

Object Enablers

Autodesk offers free downloadable enablers that you can use to access, display, and manipulate object data in applications different from their native environment. This provides essential data accessibility for design teams who create or receive files using Autodesk software. For more information on functionality, installation, and performance, see the Help file included with the enabler.

Select the Autodesk product you are using from the list below. This will display a list of all available object enablers for your product. Choose the enabler that best matches the program that originally created the drawing file. Contact the source of the drawing file directly if you are unsure what program it was created in.

Choose the Autodesk application used to open the file:



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