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Monday, April 18, 2011

GSA Sustainable Facilites Tool | Home

Oops. This one's been sitting in the Drafts box for a while. Well, actually, I got Blogger for Droid and had saved some posts, but apparently, it requires that you actually set up your Google account to sync the program for it to show up in your Drafts folder. Technology only works when you read the instructions.

Anyway, this was via http://revitjourneyman.blogspot.com/2011/02/gsa-releases-sustainable-workplace.htm back in February.

Source: GSA Sustainable Facilites Tool | Home

Sustainable Facilities Tool

How can you "green" your project?

  • Explore this easy-to-navigate tool to identify and prioritize cost-effective green building strategies you can implement to incorporate sustainable concepts into any remodel or small project.
  • Learn how to select sustainable materials, incorporate daylighting strategies, educate your occupants, save on water, conserve energy and reference relevant regulations.
  • Compare materials and systems, access design guidance, ask questions and even share your knowledge to help others “green” their projects as well.
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