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Monday, April 25, 2011

New Android App Reinvents Mobile Photo Backup

Wow, what a great tool for contractors in the field taking jobsite photos. Automatic syncing? Is there an app for that on the iPhone?
Don't have a sugarsync account? Go to www.revit3d.com/sugar. It's a lifesaver. Did you know it will keep version iterations backed up of your files? Every overwrite a spreadsheet and didn't have a backup of it? Even get older versions of your Revit files.

You can even share your SugarSynced photos with others for instant access. It's not just about the I in BIM, it's about collaborating and sharing that information.

Link: New Android App Reinvents Mobile Photo Backup

Imagine a world where every photo you take on your mobile phone is backed up to your computer automatically. No thinking or effort is required. No wires are needed. And you don’t even have to remember to open a special app to make it happen – you can just use the good ‘ol camera on your mobile device. And it just works.

Sound like a dream world too good to be true? It did to us too. But we made it a reality with our brand new Android app!

Hot off the heels of our biggest and baddest iPhone/iPad app, our Android app out today is the first mobile app that removes the work required to sync photos (and folders – more on that later) to your computers. We call the technological magic powering it “AutoSync” because we put the “auto” in sync. Quite simply, it’s the zero-step process to backing up and syncing your mobile photos from your Android device to all your computers.

Mobile photo backup will never be the same
Backing up new photos taken couldn’t be any simpler with our new Android app. Just take a picture using your device’s camera. Period. Behind the scenes, SugarSync will detect the new photo, back it up to the cloud, and sync it to your computers in your Mobile Photos folder. No thinking, wires, or emails to yourself. It just works.

Road warriors, meet your new weapon
Our new Android app enables true two-way sync functionality available only on computers right on your Android device. For example, many of us use our Android tablets as reading devices. How great would it be if you could sync your important files directly to your mobile device and always have them up-to-date? You wouldn’t have to push a button, open an app, or flip a switch. You could even hop on an airplane with the peace of mind that the latest and greatest files have synced to your device. AutoSync makes it happen.

Of course, you may be a road warrior and need to edit documents on the fly using your Android device. With the SugarSync app, you can make changes on an airplane; when you arrive at the gate and catch a data signal, your changes backup & sync to your computers – no work required, because well, AutoSync Folders does the heavy lifting (syncing). Chalk it up as one less reason you ever need to be in front of a computer.

Your AutoSync, your way (even when SugarSync isn’t running)
Turning on AutoSync is a snap. Just tap on the menu button on your mobile device while in the app, choose Settings, and enable AutoSync Folders and AutoSync Photos.

We also built AutoSync in a way that respects your battery, data plan, and wallet.

For example, you can tell AutoSync to run only when you are connected to a power source, to WiFi, or both. Let’s say you set AutoSync to only run when you are connected to WiFi and then you went camping in the middle of nowhere and took lots of photos. When you came back home, AutoSync would automatically detect a WiFi signal and upload all your photos. No need to change any settings, open SugarSync, or do anything. Again, it just works.

On that last point, AutoSync doesn’t even need the SugarSync app to be open! AutoSync can check for changes to folders or new photos based on a time interval you choose.

Thanks to our new Android app you can officially say goodbye to….
– Losing your photos (and precious memories) when you lose your mobile phone
– Providing tech support to family and friends on how to get photos off of Android devices and onto their computers
– Emailing a file from your phone to ensure your computer has the up-to-date file
– Who needs more goodbyes? This is meant to be a happy blog post!

From now on, when it comes to mobile photos and files, don’t think. AutoSync! Get our new Android app from the Android marketplace here or scan the QR code below.

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