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Monday, April 11, 2011

New in Revit 2012 - WikiHelp

Here's the guide to all new Revit features and an online help menu. Some of the stuff that I posted last night came from the html help files that come with Revit products, but this online guide has the same exact stuff.

Luke, I posted about some product enhancements as well, not just new features. Thanks for pointing that out.

Here's the main link

and the link for all of the help features.

New in Revit 2012 - WikiHelp

Here's a screenshot of the page...

New in Revit 2012

  • Revit Architecture iconRevit Architecture
  • Revit Structure iconRevit Structure
  • Revit MEP iconRevit MEP

The following features are new or enhanced for Revit.

For additional detail and a more interactive listing of New Features for Revit, go to the following:

New in Revit

The following features are new in the 2012 release.

  • 3D mouse. Revit supports using a 3DConnexion 3D mouse to reorient and navigate a view.
  • Ghost surfaces. Use this new option in the Graphics Display Options dialog to see elements that are obstructed by a wall or a pipe, for example. You can select Ghost Surfaces as a view override, a category override, or an element override.

Point Clouds

Construction Modeling


Revit Enhancements

User Interface Enhancements



Large Team Workflow

Modeling Enhancements

DWG/DXF Export

Revit Families



Journal Files

Conceptual Energy Analysis Updates

User Assistance (Documentation)

Performance Improvements

Revit Structure

Revit Structure Enhancements

Revit MEP

Revit MEP Enhancements



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