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Monday, April 11, 2011

Project Galileo Media Day Overview Video - Autodesk Labs

BIM -It is Alive in the Lab
Technical Marketing Manager, Lynda Sharkey, provided me with the latest video on Project Galileo. Recall that Project Galileo is our infrastructure conceptual design technology preview for creating 3D city models from civil, geospatial and building data, and 3D models so planners, GIS analysts, project managers, and architects can help stakeholders understand infrastructure projects and plans in the context of the built and natural environment.
Project Galileo technology preview on Autodesk Labs
This video is from our Media Day presentation.
There are now 17 videos posted on YouTube regarding Project Galileo. For those without YouTube access, you can download the videos.
1. Overview Galileo_Labs_Overview.mp4 (35 MB)
2. Le Havre in Galileo 20101129_LeHavreInGalileo_short.mp4 (25 MB)
3. Creating a Project Creating_a_Project.mov (2 MB)
4. Inserting Terrain Inserting_Terrain.mov (3 MB)
5. Importing Water Importing_Water.mov (3 MB)
6. Importing and Styling Multiple Layers Importing_and_Styling_
(8 MB)
7. Navigation Navigation.mov (66 MB)
8. Conceptual Design - Drawing City Features Drawing.mov (23 MB)
9. Conceptual Design - Proposals Proposals.mov (23 MB)
10. It's Just Cool Its_Just_cool.mov (204 MB)
11. Selection Part 1 Selection_Part 1.mov (10 MB)
12. Selection Part 2 Selection_part2.mov (8 MB)
13. Selection Part 3 Selection_part3.mov (11 MB)
14. Inserting a 3D Model Inserting_a_3D_Model.mov (15 MB)
15. Refining a City Asset Refining_A_City_Asset.mov (11 MB)
16. Chris Andrews Geodesign Summit Candrews_Geodesign_
(102 MB)
17. Media Day Overview Narrated_Galileo_
(160 MB)
Passing the popcorn is alive in the lab.


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