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Monday, April 18, 2011

Revit Services & Support - 2012: Where to find your Autodesk Revit 2012 Product keys

Ever get a letter from the Business Software Alliance? I did in January. Why? Because I had a blogpost about Revit product keys. Why was it the most inane thing that ever happened? Because it's on the Autodesk website. It's public information. You should have seen the email I sent back to them. Never heard a peep back from them. Embarrassing!!!

Just so you can see what I got, I'm posting it below. Hello Mr BSA. I don't want any piracy either. Affects my business too. Meanwhile, the Revit blog that does post key generators and illegal downloads of the software is still up and running. You'd think that someone would do something about that.

Anyway, down below this BS, I mean BSA, are the product keys for 2012 products (AS SEEN ON THE AUTODESK.COM WEBSITE SO I HOPE I DON'T GET ANOTHER EMAIL LIKE THIS AGAIN THIS YEAR).

You gotta love the humor in all of this. Watch this. Revit Crack. Revit keygen. Revit Key generator. Download free copy of Revit. Revit serial numbers. Hack Revit. Ok, now watch how many people wind up on this web page from Google. Now, watch all of them freak out when the find out that Google and the BSA are monitoring their IP addresses and about to knock on their front door.

Big Bother is watching.

Re: Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Computer Programs:

Dear Sir/Madam:

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has determined that the website listed below, which appears to be on the domain serviced by your organization, is engaged in unauthorized activities relating to copyrighted computer programs published by theBSA member companies. BSA and its member companies, the rightful owners of the copyrighted computer programs, have the required evidence to ascertain this. Infringing material or activity is found at the following location:


We have a good faith belief that the material or activity listed above has not been authorized by the rights holders, their agents, or the law. BSA represents that the information in this notification is accurate and states, under penalty of perjury, that it is authorized to act in this matter on behalf of the copyright owner(s) listed above.

We hereby give notice of these activities to you and request that you take expeditious action to remove or disable access to the materials described above, and thereby prevent the illegal reproduction and distribution of pirated software via your company's network.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Please advise us regarding what actions you take.

Internet Enforcement
Business Software Alliance
1150 18th St NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036


You want to know the product key for your Autodesk® Revit® 2012-based product.

Autodesk's 2012-based software requires both a serial number and product key to successfully activate.

Product keys are used to differentiate software sold on its own from those sold as part of a suite. Ensure that you select the correct product key in order to successfully activate your software.

The product key is provided along with your serial number in the following places:

  • If you received physical media, the product key is on the reverse of the package along with the serial number.
  • Emails from Electronic Fulfillment notifying you of your new serial number also include the product key.
  • Contract administrators can log on to Subscription Center to check for their serial number and product key.
  • The Autodesk Business Center (ABC) can provide this information. Their toll-free number is 800-538-6401.

Revit 2012 - based product keys:

  • 240D1 - Revit Architecture 2012
  • 255D1 - Revit Structure 2012
  • 297D1 - Revit MEP 2012
  • 241D1 - AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 2012
  • 256D1 - AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 2012
  • 257D1 - AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite 2012
  • 765D1 - Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium 2012
  • 766D1 - Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate 2012



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