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Monday, April 18, 2011

RTC - Revit Technology Conference - BIMformation Overload

I just finished signing up for RTC in June in California.  They make it so hard to pick classes with so many great choices.  There were so many decisions to make that it was very difficult to make my final picks.  I hope the sessions are recorded so I can see the ones I missed.  

Anyone out there reading this attending?  How many of the same choices did you make?  
Randy, I'm going to heckle you or bring a laser pointer to your class.  I hope you're prepared.
My apologies to any of the presenters who may be reading this.  I do want to attend all of your sessions.  

Looking at the different classes, it makes me realize how little I know about so much about Revit and BIM and I've been doing this for 6 years.  I can't imagine how anyone can get started now and ever have a chance of catching up to those firms that have been doing this for a while now.  There's just not a chance they'll have the time or resources to compete.  I certainly feel that way about my competition who thinks they can read a script and walk into a contractor's office to sell them BIM.  

My Session Selections
6/23/11 9:00 Introduction & Keynote
6/23/11 11:25 Passive Sabotage: Getting Senior Management to Wake Up
6/23/11 12:30 Revit Conceptual Massing on a REAL Project
6/23/11 14:25 Effective Coordination With Revit Models
6/23/11 15:30 Tips and Tricks for BIM Managers
6/23/11 16:45 Ah, What's The Program Doc? Revit for Planning and Programming Projects
6/24/11 9:00 BIM Beyond Documentation
6/24/11 10:45 Codebook and Revit = BIM Lifecycle Management
6/24/11 12:10 How to Establish a BIM Project Execution Plan to Better Assist Your IPD Projects
6/24/11 14:00 Adopting Lean Process in BIM
6/24/11 15:05 Forum: Thought Leadership 2.0 - Social Networking
6/24/11 16:45 Overcoming Real and Perceived Obstacles to IPD
6/25/11 9:00 Integrated Design Using the Autodesk Revit Suite
6/25/11 10:45 Revit for Presentations: Graphics that "Pop"
6/25/11 12:10 Site Design in Revit
6/25/11 14:00 Closing Address: BIM 1.0 to BIM 2.0: The Path Forward
6/25/11 15:35 Glorious Gadgets & Conference Wrap Up



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