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Monday, April 18, 2011

Structural Model analytical enhancements in Revit Structure - BIM & Beam

 Is it ok to say that this will help you have better erections?  I mean that in a construction way of course. 

If you experience an design that takes more than 4 hours seek BIM attention.

Source: http://bimandbeam.typepad.com/bim_beam/2011/04/structural-model-analytical-enhancements-in-revit-structure-2012.html

Over the next few weeks I'll be providing some overviews and links to videos featuring the top new features and enhancements in our 2012 lineup of Structural Products.  Check out the feature description and video below detailing the great new enhancements to the Structural Analytical Model capabilities in Revit Structure 2012.
Enhancements have been made to help you create and manage the structural analytical model, including greater control over the analytical model and better consistency with the structural physical model. Specific areas of improvement are:
  • Better control of visibility/graphics
  • The inclusion of analytical parameters in analytical model elements
  • The addition of a surface to floor, slab, and wall analytical models
  • The addition of the “enable analytical model” parameter to physical model elements
  • Easier identification of linear analytical model end segments
  • Improved full edit mode for analytical adjustments
  • New model adjustment features allowing for editing via nodes and direct manipulation widgets
  • The ability to adjust linear analytical models at each end with new projection and hosting behaviors
  • Enhanced auto-detection for the preservation of physical element joins and attachments 

 Revit Structure 2012 Analytical Model Enhancement Video


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