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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Your Autodesk Design Review 2012 WikiHelp Awaits! - Beyond the Paper

Stop using PDFs for your clients and contractors. The less you share information, the smaller your share of future business will be. Design Review is free. Exporting your dwg or rvt files to dwf is free and built into your Autodesk software. There's freewheel from Autodesk that you can view dwf files without any software. Want to see? Go to www.revit3d.com/bs (that's for BIM Sample). See how easy that was?

Get with the 'program'!

Source: Your Autodesk Design Review 2012 WikiHelp Awaits! - Beyond the Paper

When we have questions about "how to" use Autodesk Design Review’s tools, we may search the Help file for answers and find what we're looking for there. However, when we have job-specific questions, requiring us to know "when to" or "why to" use certain product tools as part of a larger process, we often need to turn to people who have real-world experience and insight.

We may ask our questions using email or instant messages, use Web searches, or post to discussion groups--all the while hoping to get our answers...answers we can trust. When we find our answers, or when we develop our own solutions, we’re excited to share them! But where? We may post videos and presentations to a variety of websites, but are we sure we’ll find a receptive and responsive audience?

Rather than spending time searching and posting to all of these different online channels, the new Autodesk Design Review WikiHelp can provide the best of both worlds. As you might expect, right now as we roll it out, our WikiHelp lets you browse Autodesk Design Review's Help information. But with your participation, WikiHelp can become much more than just the typical Help file presented online.

ADR WikiHelp

Autodesk Design Review WikiHelp is a way for you to add your own knowledge; it's all about providing you with the venue to share your design reviewing experiences with each other. In short, Design Review's WikiHelp can be used to combine "how to" with "know how" to create a single, vetted resource for Design Review users.

You can review the Autodesk Design Review WikiHelp right away without even registering or signing in. The Wiki Guidelines and the Frequently Asked Questions will help get you started.

Whenever you're ready to participate, just sign in to the WikiHelp site using your free Autodesk User ID. If you don't have an ID, go to the Autodesk Log In page and click Create User ID Now. To start, you can comment on, rate, and share WikiHelp pages. If you're ready to dive right in, you can begin editing content, posting tips, tricks, and tutorials, uploading videos, or whatever you think is useful to other Design Review users.

All new or modified content is saved as a draft to be reviewed by Autodesk moderators. This is to ensure that all contributions meet the posted Wiki Guidelines. Once approved, your contributions become public, and the interaction begins! Over time, the entire community will begin to make contributions, validate changes, and apply meaningful tags to make the content even more useful and discoverable.

As you begin using the Autodesk Design Review WikiHelp site, we'd love to hear what you think about it. What's your favorite aspect of it? What can we do to improve it? Either post comments to this blog article or post your comments directly to the WikiHelp site itself.

With WikiHelp, the Autodesk Design Review team begins moving away from its previous information monologue, toward a more collaborative content conversation. We look forward to participating in this conversation with you.

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