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Friday, May 27, 2011

3 #Revit Server 2012 Installation Tips RT @RevitClinic

by Ryan Duell

Here are 3 quick tips when installing Revit Server 2012; you can view the entire upgrade process from our previous post here if needed:
1. Don't Install from the RevitServer.msi
The standard Revit 2012 installer contains the Revit Server 2012 installer under Install Tools & Utilities. This is the required method to properly install Revit Server 2012.
This main installer also uses a second .msi , which is stored on the media under x64\Tools\RevitServer\RevitServer.msi.
Under no circumstances should Revit Server 2012 be installed simply by launching the RevitServer.msi. If you do so the installation will not complete successfully and will be missing necessary configuration components.
2. To Configure Folders Click the Down Arrow
To configure the folder paths, click the triangle under Revit Server to expand the list:
This is also where you would toggle between a Local server and Central server.
3. To Continue After Configuration Collapse the List
You may notice Install grayed-out after configuring the folders; in order to continue simply collapse the list [click on the triangle again]:


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