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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can it be stopped? DeVine BIM

For those of you long time readers, you may remember my pictures last year of the caterpillers in my backyard.  We have a butterfly garden and it always amazes me as to what is constantly happening in the evolution of life and death in my backyard.

My neighbor who has a painting and landscaping business, built our pond and did a great job landscaping.  He stopped by on Saturday and mentioned that he had a landscaping expert stop by to look at our orchids.  He said that the expert told him that the vines we had growing on the hedges were strangling the plants and preventing them from growing.  I was adament about not touching them since they were passion flower vines and a vital link the the caterpiller food chain.  Well, later that day, when taking a closer look, I noticed that some of the vines had died and their were seed pods. 

I was so happy that I had an almost unlimited supply of passion flower seeds.  I must have collecte 200 of them and JR and I planted a bunch of them around the backyard.  Well, yesterday, I decided to do some pruning of the dead vines.  After about an hour, I decided to trace back to the root of the vine to see why part of it was dying.  Well, what a surprose when I found that it wasn't a part of the passion flower vine, but an unknown vine that I had not planted. 

Well, it turns out the my neighbor and his landscaping expert were correct.  Non only was the vine strangling the other plants, but I had a giant weed that had shed hundreds of seeds all over the garden.  Well, I ripped that root out of the ground and it wound up being a 6 foot long root.  I can't believe I had helped continue its growth by planting the seeds that I thought were beautiful sustaining plants, but were in fact, a deadly weed that would strangle all of the plants around it. 

I don't know, somehow that story reminded me of AutoCAD and the 9 million bad seeds that are strangling the BIM landscape.  I know some of you can't see the forest for the trees, but hopefully BIM will blossom very soon and we'll rip up all of those bad seeds. 

Now, if I could only remember where I planted all of those seeds on Saturday.....to be continued.

Last thought...Jack and the BIM stalk?  Sorry, that just popped into my head.

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