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Friday, May 6, 2011

Revit 2011 & 2012 Crash when launching the Materials or Render Appearance Dialogs - The Revit Clinic


This issue has been reported, and while a permanent resolution is pending, going through the following troubleshooting process should resolve the behavior for the time being. It is typically a conflict with a third-party component in steps #1 or #2. I would recommend going through each step one at a time; I have grouped them in the most common to least common resolution rates:

1. Windows Tablet PC Input Service

Verify if there are any Services (Local) running called Tablet PC Input Service. If so stop the service, launch Revit, and see if the crash persists.


2. Wacom Tablet Drivers \ Service

Verify if there are any Services (Local) running similar to Wacom Consumer Touch Service. If so stop the service, launch Revit, and see if the crash persists.


If Revit still crashes, verify if the workstation has Wacom Tablet drivers. Uninstall the driver if present in the Windows Control Panel to see if the crash persists.

3. Windows Temp Folder

Close Revit 2011; then empty the contents of the Windows Temp folder at:


You can copy \ paste the address above into a Windows Explorer path.

4. Windows Accessibility

Verify if the workstation has any of the Microsoft Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Ease of Access Center tools enabled.

For example, with On-Screen Keyboard or Magnifier enabled Revit can crash at the Materials dialog in a similar manner. If so, test disabling the access tools temporarily to see if the crash persists.

5. Run as Admin

Right-click on the Revit 2011 shortcut > Run as Administrator. See if the crash persists.

6. Simplified Startup

Restart Windows with Microsoft MSCONFIG > General, and do either a Diagnostic Startup or Selective Startup. Verify if the crash occurs in a simplified environment.

If the issue persists, the following process will help us better understand if we are dealing with the same scenario. If you are on Autodesk Subscription, I would recommend creating a support case with all of the information from this post. If you are not on Subscription, please create a post on the Autodesk Revit Discussion Groups here referencing this information for additional assistance.

1. If you log onto another workstation, and do the same process, does the crash occur? Or is it simply isolated to this 1 workstation?

2. Does the crash occur in a new project file, or is this isolated to a specific project file?

3. What exact steps are you taking to cause the crash in the Materials Editor?

4. Does the crash occur if you navigate to the materials dialog via different routes as follows:

[A] Manage > Materials > Render Appearance > Replace
[B] Select a wall > Edit Type > Structure Edit > Material > … > Render Appearance > Replace
[C] Manage > Materials > Select "Wood" material > Render Appearance > Click down arrow next to Image > Edit Image

Image Example

Please include the following documents if creating a case:


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