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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Autodesk 123D solid modeling software hits beta, hobbyists cheer $0.00 pricetag -- Engadget

I think a company has really made it in the world when Engadget.com writes about your products. I've been meaning to write about this for 2 months now, but I've been super busy. I think you've noticed my blog posting slowing down and I wish I could tell you all of the reasons why, but lets just say I've been very busy in the BIM world and don't want to publicly disclose what I've been working on to have a major advantage over my competitors.

This post is about a little something Autodesk is doing that's an interesting strategy. Since there are only 9 million or so Autodesk software users, they're taking their software and creating free versions of it that can now be used by hundreds of millions of people. That's a great way to get your name out into the world. They have also created a bunch of iPad apps that are pretty cool too.

Bottom line is that the whole world will know about Autodesk and their 3D tools. Who is this bad for? Basically every architect who says they only work in 2D and uses CAD to design buildings. So, the next time you're giving blueprints of a house to a family and their 8 year old son asks why you didn't use a cool 3D program and just have flat little lines that they can't understand, please be advised that you're going to be a little embarassed if you can't give them a rational explanation as to why you didn't give them a real model of their new home.

What's worse than that? Oh, just that that same 8 year old can get a copy of the student version of Revit and design the house for his parents instead of hiring you in the first place. If you thought your industry has problems now, just wait until that happens to you.


Autodesk 123D solid modeling software hits beta, hobbyists cheer $0.00 pricetag -- Engadget

If you've spent any time whatsoever in SketchUp, there's a better-than-average chance you'll have a ball within Autodesk 123D. The new Windows-based program -- which quietly slid into beta a couple of weeks ago -- is a gratis, stripped-down version of Autodesk's famed Inventor application, but it still offers a plethora of design tools for something that's being given away free of charge. We're told that just the basics are here, and sadly, it's not open source; that said, it does have an option for exporting to STL, and you will find support for assemblies and constraints. Eager to toss something else in your 3D modeling toolkit? Hit the links below to get started, and feel free to check your wallet at the door.
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