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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Autodesk - Drawing Compare - Design Review Application

It's all just ones and zeros. Ones and zeros look like lines and circles. Lines and circles are what CAD users draw to convey their design intent for construction documents. Ones and zeros are the core of computers, programs, processors and all of the wonderful things that allow us to take advantage of technology.

I just find it kind of ironic that it's the name of another Autodesk blog that's about really high end programming with Autodesk technology.

BIM has won and it's 1 to 0 for the contractors against the architects in the design and construction process. Why so few architects are switching to Revit in relation to the adoption of BIM by contractors is indicitive of a major shift in the AEC industry that shall forever change it.

Source: It's All Just Ones and Zeros

Design Review has this cool feature where you can compare drawings. Through the magic of API programming, Jan Liska from Autodesk Consulting has hooked this functionality to Vault. The tool is called Drawing Compare and it easily lets you compare two drawings or two revisions of a drawing from within Vault.


Vault Workgroup / Collaboration / Professional 2012
Autodesk Design Review 2012

Click here to download the application

To Use:

  1. Run the installer.
  2. Run Vault Explorer.
  3. Select two drawings or two revisions of the same drawing.
  4. Right-click and choose Compare Drawings.
  5. In the pop-up window, click the Compare button.

You can also run Compare Drawings after selecting a single drawing. In this case, the Drawing Compare window will have combo boxes that let you select the revisions that you want to compare.

The tool only works on drawings that have DWF files.

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