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Friday, June 3, 2011

Export to CAD in #Revit 2012 does not Include Layer Phase Status RT @RevitClinic

by Ryan Duell
You may notice that by default when you export to CAD in Revit 2012, the phase status is not included.
For example, in Revit 2011 if the Phase Created of a wall is set to Existing, when you export to CAD it is placed on the A-WALL-EXST layer.  Export the same existing wall in Revit 2012 and you notice the wall geometry is placed on the A-WALL layer.
In Revit 2012 you can modify the export setup, and include the phase modifier by doing the following:
R > Export > Options > Export Setups DWG/DXF > Add/Edit Modifiers for All… > add {Phase Status} > OK > OK
Now when you export to CAD the phase status will be included, in this case A-WALL-EXST:
You can save multiple export setups in Revit 2012; I have included some WikiHelp documentation below:
Layer Mapping for DWG/DXF Export


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