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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inside the Factory: Working at a small firm? We want your input.

Inside the Factory: Working at a small firm? We want your input.

Are you an architect or a BIM/CAD manager? Are you from a design firm with 1-20 employees? Are you mainly working on residential and/or light commercial projects? If you would answer YES to all the three questions, we would like your help!

Autodesk is currently working to better understand the needs of smaller design firms. You can help us by completing a 20 minute online exercise located here. (if you have not done this previously.) In the exercise, you will be asked to categorize a number of CAD software features based on its importance for your work. You will also be asked to identify any features that are missing from the presented list that should be made available for these projects. If you are BIM/CAD manager, please also help us to forward this to the architects you are working with.

Your input will allow us to better understand and focus product development on your needs. We greatly appreciate your time and effort!

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