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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Project Neon now supports Revit in addition to AutoCAD - It is Alive in the Lab

Looks like cloud computing is becoming more and more popular. Want to know the best thing about cloud computing? Well, it's the simple fact that everyone needs their own separate login and you can't have the same user logged into multiple computers at the same time. That's the end of piracy and software noncompliance. That should even the playing field for those of you who are annoyed that some people don't pay their fair share for software. You can always visit www.autodesk.com/piracy and anonymously help your neighbors be compliant.

Source: http://labs.blogs.com/its_alive_in_the_lab/2011/06/project-neon-now-supports-revit-in-addition-to-autocad.html


Project Neon is our technology preview of rendering designs using Amazon EC2 servers in cloud. I have been on the labs.neon@autodesk.com email alias for a long time. In fact, I added our first Project Neon technology preview to Autodesk Labs almost a year ago. Since that time, the number one request we have received via email is:

    Can you add support for Revit files?

I am happy to announce that two days ago the Project Neon team updated their servers to provide this capability. You can learn more about it on:

Project Neon technology preview on Autodesk Labs

To make this possible, you download a small application that uploads your building information model to the Project Neon servers. You can download this Revit add-in from the Project Neon site.


So far we've heard things like:

  • "Great addition to Revit. Saves a ton of time having the rendering done on the cloud."
  • "I'm very excited about the potential of this technology to unseat SketchUp in our design department."
  • "Just toying with the plug-in for Revit and I love this! Great work."

Keep that feedback coming in to labs.neon@autodesk.com or the GetSatisfaction forum.

Responding to feedback is alive in the lab.

Project Neon now supports Revit in addition to AutoCAD - It is Alive in the Lab


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