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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why do you waste my time? Tech Talk - A timesaving email signature line

From Evernote:

Why do you waste my time? Need more BIMformation

It's something simple.  You send me an email.  I want to email you back, forward your information to someone, call you or add you to my contact list or database.

But I can't.  Why?  Because you don't have an email signature line.  Why not?  Now, I have to look at your email address, find your domain name, search for your contact us page, copy the information and manually paste it where it needs to go.

Thank you for just wasting five minutes of my valuable time.  No, it doesn't matter if we've known each other for years.  Maybe I want to call you and my phone battery died on my cellphone and I want to call you from my office phone.  I have to spend another few minutes finding your phone number.  

Oh, you do have your contact information in your signature block?  Well, thanks for not having your extension in there too.  Now I have to go through your lovely office phone system and listen to the long list of names before I can finally get to yours. 

Why don't you provide that information to people?  Do you realize how much time is lost every day because of that one simple thing?  I bet you're the same guy that put a fax cover sheet on a one page letter that had all of the recipient's information on the actual letter.  Do you know how many trees died because of that?  Back in 1993, I at least started using half page fax cover sheets.  I'm the same guy who made a little 4 inch strip that said "End of Fax" at the end for really long faxes so the recipient could know that they got entire fax.  Ever send a complete spec section to someone via fax in the 90s?

So, please don't put your fax number on your email signature.  No one uses faxes anymore, it shows how old you are and it just kills trees to have someone fax you anything.  If whoever you're working with doesn't have email in today's day and age, why are you working with them?

Here are some samples if you're not in a creative mood.  Put your domain name in your signauture.  Let a new recipient be able to browse your website.  Enjoy the free marketing while you're communicating with others.  Do you need your address on there?  Maybe.  Do customers visit you? 

Should you use a small font?  I do.  You don't need to take up the whole email with your signature. 

Imagine how much time you can save others who need to communicate with you.  It's all about the information, so start thinking about these things.  Do you need the "
Please consider the environment before printing this email"  or the "in case you've received this email by accident legaleze bs, who's idea was that?  

OK?  you get the point.  Provide as much information as you can.  Don't forget to add  signature to your smart phones and iPads too. 

One last thing.  We don't need to see the "Sent from my who the F cares device".  It's lovely that you're using a Blackberry iPhone Droid whatever else device.  Don't use the technology if you can't figure out how to go to settings and remove that nonesense. 

Sent from my fax machine.

First Last, ABC, LEED AP BD+C
Project Engineer
A Construction Company

D | 561-555-1616
C | 786-333-3333


Please consider the environment before printing this email

Gregory K Arkin  |  President CEO LEED AP BD+C GC  |  m: 000.000.4734  |  email@caddcenters.com | blog: REVIT3D.com
CADD Centers of Florida | 2005 W Cypress Creek Road Suite 207 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 | 954.772.7300 x127 | caddcenters.com


First LastLEED® AP BD+C
Senior LEED Training Specialist
LEED Training Institute
Mobile: 305.333.3333
Office:  800.444.2222

Company Name  Energy, Inc. – Veteran Founded – Building Earth's Sustainable Workforce

 Best regards,
     First Last
Named Group, Inc.
A  Construction Co. Inc.
305 777 7777 Phone   786 222 2222 Fax
Visit our website   www.company.com

 General Contracting, Construction Management, Owners Representation & Development Services.


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