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Thursday, July 14, 2011

BIM for Construction Presentation - dODDS and ENDS

Over the past few months my counterpart Kevin and I have been presenting BIM for Construction presentations around the US. Following many of the events we are often asked if we could give out the presentation and such. So in response to the requests, I have created a spot where everyone can access the presentation.
You can download the BIM for Construction presentation on the Downloads page
Here are some of the things highlighted from the presentation:
  • How Autodesk and others doing to enable or Mobile workforce
  • Some of Autodesk's free software offerings
  • What is Autodesk studying for the future
  • Learn how you can save with Pre-Fabrication
  • What are some of the emerging trends in the AEC industry
  • Implementing BIM what are the steps
  • What are Owners who want BIM asking for


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