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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BIM person of the day - Loren

I want to first apologize for having a lame blog for the past few weeks.  Between travelling and selling BIM to contractors, I've had very little time to get all of my blog drafts posted.  Luke's been making up for my lack of postings and I'll have some more free time after the lovely Autodesk promotions end on July 15th. 

If you haven't done the Building Design Suite Premium or Ultimate upgrade you'd better hurry because your competitors are all investing in having a huge advantage.

So, speaking of advantages, here goes today's post.  Something bizarre (normal in my world) happened 3 weeks ago.  I got an email from my bother (oops, I meant brother) with the resume of someone and asking me if I could help her out.  Well, I read the resume and after the WTF about what my brother was asking for, I called her.

Her name is Loren and I spoke to her for about 10 minutes at which point I told her she could start the next day.  So, for the past 3 weeks, I've gotten a brand new employee.  I've never had an employee who was so worth what I was paying her.  You see, Loren has just finished her second year at Cornell University School of Architecture.

In what twisted world does an architecture student want to intern for an Autodesk reseller instead of an architecture firm.  Well, how about in a world where architects in South Florida weren't even interested in an intern.  I've never had an intern before, so it's a bit strange to have someone willing to work for free for me. 

It's not that we're not paying her as she's already taken our Revit Architecture Essentials and Revit Structure Essentials.  In a few weeks she'll be taking our Navisworks class and we'll be making sure she's fluent in 3ds Max Design.  I've also gotten her day passes to intern at at several construction companies, an structural engineering firm and two architecture firms.  Of course, I'll only allow her to work at Revit firms.

Her very first day at our company was when we had our Autodesk 2012 software rollout where 105 contractors and subcontractors attended.  It's been uphill from there.  She's had access to all of our BIM techs and trainers and on her second day, got to see the BIM construction robot prototype (www.BIMrobot.com - as seen at Revit Technology Conference US 2 weeks ago). 

It's been fun being Loren's mentor and tormentor.  I did nearly go ballistic when she first asked about the lineweights and hatch patterns in Revit.  I asked her how a 20 year old college student would come to even have that question in her mind.  I was horrified when she told me that's what her professors talked about.  They're not teach Revit in school.  They're teaching Rhino. 

What's wrong with the architectural industry when architecture students feel they'd learn more at a reseller than at an archtiecture firm.  There is no next generation of architects out there and you all need to do something about that.  Loren went to a  design and architecture high school, was salutatorian of her class and goes to a great university.  Several big architects in South Florida didn't even return her calls or told her they were too busy to meet with her.

So, my goal is to get her to get her masters in construction and go work for a design build contractor so she can make a lot of money when she graduates. 

One last little bit.  Right after she finished the Revit Architecture class, she posted on her Facebook account that she had just learned Revit.  I told that was a terrible thing to do and made her delete the post on the spot.  I told her that she'd be much better off with all of the other students not knowing that she had the BIM secret weapon.  I told her to let the other students keep using Rhino, Sketchup and AutoCAD while she was fully immersed in Revit.  I even found her an online supercomputing rendering site that could get her renderings done in minutes for $5. 

I'll try to keep you posted on her progess during the summer and hopefully one of you will want to hire her when she graduates.  What could be better than having a Revit ready employee.


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David Butts July 7, 2011 at 8:51 AM  

I'll on eup you on this one (just 'cause I don't get the chance often enough). We hired an intern from Penn State to work on a couple of projects this summer...at PSU, they teach Revit as part of the curriculum...but I got him for training anyway. Turns out, he popped up and told me that he know more about Revit than I gave him credit for - and proceeded to design an ammonia chiller plant for a school in about, oh, a day. We're talking ice storage tanks (provided by the manufacturer as Revit models), pumps (provided by Taco via Seek), butt weld carbon steel pipe (uh - had to tweak the OOTB fittings from Autodesk and get the right sizes - you'd think that these simple ones would already be there and be right), made him a cooling tower, since the OOTB's ones didn't match and we hadn't picked one yet...and then we got to the chiller guys. They flat refused to even give us cut sheets, so now it's a Trane water chiller...goodbye, ammonia dude...and we're going to get this intern full-time ASAP. Us engineers, we already got it figured out - we're digging for interns and IDP types, that can use the software themselves, 'cause they're the next generation of users...so don't come to me if you don't want to do BIM...

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