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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last day to migrate to Building Design Suite for $0 - Revit customers, get off your butt and go to autodesk.com/suiteupgrade now

Of all of the Autodesk promotions I've seen ove the past 7 years, the one I hate the most is the one my clients love the most. 

It's called the Reach Higher promotion.  If you're currently on subscription and have Revit Architecture, Structure or MEP suite, you can convert your license to Building Design Suite Premium for free.

What's included?

3ds MaxDesign 2012
AutoCAD 2012
AutoCAD Architecture 2012
AutoCAD MEP 2012
AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2012
RevitArchitecture 2012
RevitMEP 2012
RevitStructure 2012
SketchBookDesigner 2012

Your subscription is currently $725/year.  Your next renewal will go to $975/year.  For an extra $250, at least you get 3ds Max Design. It's a suite deal.  

Personally, I say wait until after tomorrow's deadline.  Then you'd pay $1495 to upgrade and pay the $975 subscription.  If you figured that you'd upgrade within the next 5 years, well, just take $1495 divided by the extra $250/year you'd pay for subscription.  That means if you upgraded within the next 5.98 years, you're still ahead financially.  Pay now or pay later.  
What's $250?  Well, it works out to 12 cents an hour.  I know, budget busting.  

What's the next step? Get your contract manager information, serial number, contract number and seat count.  Then go to www. autodesk.com/suiteupgrade.  Fill in the information and click submit.  In a few days, you'll get a shiny flash drive with all of the greatest design software in the world.  

Or wait until Monday and send me a check for $1495.  The choice is yours and finally Autodesk is rewarding their subscription customers with this free upgrade.  If it makes you feel better, current AutoCAD customers pay the full $1495 and their subscription doubles from $450 to the $975.  Plus, the'll never catch up in the learning curve of BIM.  

Now, hurry up and do the migration.  You say you'll never use Revit MEP, but think of all of the money you'll save doing prelimary duct layout and not having to pay your engineer to do it and how much more coordinated your projects will be.  

Plus, you can instal 3ds Max Backburner on multiple machines and create a rendering farm to crank out your renderings.

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