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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Revit 2012 Update 1 Enhancement Lists

 Source: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/07/revit-2012-ur1-update-enhancement-lists.html

The Update Enhancement List PDF files from Update Release 1 are now available for each of the Revit 2012 products:
Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012
Autodesk Revit Structure 2012
Autodesk Revit MEP 2012

Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2012 Enhancements

 _Enables visibility of hidden elements from linked files when project is upgraded.
 _Improves stability when using Create Similar to add a new railing.
 _Improves stability when editing dimension location.
 _Corrects the elevation value on Spot Elevations through linked files.
 _Improves spacing consistency between the dimension text and leader line.
 _Improves performance when working with perspective views.
 _Improves hatch pattern display in split section or callout views.
 _Improves the visibility of decals in Realistic Materials view mode and Renderings.
 _Correctly updates door and window frame when the size of a window or door is modified.
 _Improves stability when changing Phase while using the Trim/Extend Multiple Elements tool.
 _Improves stability when loading a mass family into a blank project.
 _Improves stability when saving project.
 _Improves consistency of filters (Views, Layers, etc.) after synchronizing with Central file.
 _Improves stability when exporting view to Image when "create browsable web site ...." option is utilized.
 _Improves consistency of Arc Length dimensions when exported to DWG format.
 _Improves placement of view geometry within exported DWG to limit overlapping geometry.
 _Improves stability when exporting a family to SAT format.
 _Improves consistency of family parameter behavior for In-place Families.
 _Improves stability when creating mass floors from hemisphere shaped mass.
 _Ensures that only unused materials will be deleted by the command “purge unused”.
 _Improves stability while working within the Materials dialog.
 _Improves placement of multiple Point Clouds into a single project.
 _Improves color assignment to point clouds when imported into a project.
 _Improves stability while using Print Preview.
 _Improves stability when renaming sheets within the Project Browser.
 _Improves performance when regenerating walls.
 _Improves consistency of the model view regeneration after changing settings in the Render dialog.
 _Improves stability when editing a Topo Surface.
 _Improves stability when opening the preview pane while editing a building pad.
Autodesk® _Revit® _Architecture 2012 Update Enhancement List 
 _Improves stability when creating a duplicate view.
 _Improves performance when changing location of stacked walls.
 _Improves accuracy of parts scheduled in multi-category material takeoffs.

Autodesk® Revit® 2012 API Enhancements
 _Corrects an issue where Revit file corruption occurs if Extensible Storage is added to the model and a second schema is instantiated.
 _Corrects an issue where extensible storage added to an element type prevented that item from being transferred via Transfer Project Standards.
 _Corrects an issue where Analysis Visualization Framework entities attached to structural analytical model element references didn’t properly display.
 _Enables overload for AnalysisDisplayColorSettings.GetIntermediateColors() which returns the desired color settings.
 _Enables the method Document.Import(string, string, DWGImportOptions) to work for DXF files as well.
 _Corrects an issue where parameters added to families via the API would not accept negative values.
 _Corrects an issue where NewRoom(Room, PlanCircuit) failed due to inproper validation.
 _Corrects instability where access to geometry objects would sometimes fail due to memory errors. For certain operations where a top-level GeometryElement was returned to an application, which extracted geometry from it, the top-level GeometryElement could be garbage collected prematurely while the application was still using some of the extracted geometry. The fix ensures that the garbage collector knows of the relationship among the different geometry objects.
 _Corrects instability caused by invocation of the DocumentOpened event when worksets were accessed in the central file. The fix prevents the events from being raised in these situations, which are not true instances of documents being opened in the local session of Revit.
 _Corrects documentation for FamilyInstance.FromRoom and ToRoom. These properties access the values similar to what is seen in schedules, and may be modified at will by the user. The previous documentation implied that the values were a result of geometric analysis of the rooms the doors or windows are adjacent to.


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