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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AU 2011 Class Catalog Preview Is Now Available!

Wander on over and take a look.  Of course it's not as exciting as Revit Technology Conference, so you'll have to decide what to do with your conference budget funds.

 Here's the list of classes, filtered for "BIM". There are about 240 classes listed.

...and here's the list for "Revit".  There about about 280 classes listed.

...and of course, the plain list of all of the classes

Start planning now to join your peers from around the world at Autodesk University 2011. Introduce yourself to new products, people, and techniques at the premier conference and exhibition for Autodesk product users.
  • Hear about the latest advancements in Autodesk products and get certified on the products you use.
  • Learn new ways of doing things from people who do what you do, and get some practice in our hands-on labs.
  • Listen to industry mavens and learn from those who are already five minutes into the future.

Where and When

This year’s conference returns to The Venetian in Las Vegas, November 29–December 1, 2011, so mark your calendars. It’s never too early to start making the case for attending this year’s event.
If you are responsible for keeping your design enterprise working smoothly, controlling overhead, and motivating staff, plan to arrive early and attend the AU Leadership Forum, which takes place November 27–November 28, 2011.

Reasons to Go

  • Learn techniques to use in your job right away. Whether you’re designing buildings, routing transcontinental pipelines, or animating the next blockbuster movie, you can learn something immediately useful at AU.
  • Find out what the competition is doing. AU is the perfect place to find out what everyone else is up to and how they’re doing it.
  • Peek into the future. Learn about, and even influence, the direction of upcoming Autodesk products. See what leading-edge firms have to offer in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Make important business contacts. Find firms with complementary skills or colleagues with needed expertise.
  • Have fun and (maybe) win prizes! Not everyone wins a prize (like last year's iPads® or Pi Mobility bike), but you can still have fun networking with your peers.
If that's not enough, read these additional talking points from Lynn Allen.


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