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Friday, August 5, 2011

Autodesk Quantity Takeoff: Adding Assemblies to the Workbook

Source: http://doddsandends.typepad.com/blog/2011/08/autodesk-quantity-takeoff-adding-assemblies-to-the-workbook.html


While working in the QTO workbook have you ever come across a takeoff that is missing an Assembly?

8-4-2011-QTO1 In this case the Take off is missing the the Wall Base. Normally you would have to stop and go back to the Takeoff Palette to the add the Wall Base back in.

But there is a shortcut where you can add it from the Workbook and save yourself a little bit of time. Here are the quick steps:


Over the QTO Item that you need to add the Assembly, Right-click. This will being up the context menu where you can select Add Item. This is going to open the familiar Assemblies Browser where you can select your assembly to add. In this case its the Wall Base.



8-4-2011-QTO3 Once the Wall Base has been added you need to fill in the Formula information. You can simply click in the box and begin typing your Formula, or open the Formula editor.

8-4-2011-QTO4 Now your Assembly has been added without having to open another dialog box or return to the Takeoff Palette.


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