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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BIM Fewtility

One of the things I love most about my job is the range of
conversations I get to have. Two conversations I had in the past 24
hours really were amazing to me. The first was with a structural
engineering consultant and the other was the principal of an
architecture firm.

The structural engineer was telling me how he started with AutoCAD 2
at the age of 8 years old while working for his father. He was
complaining about how so few people had any practical experience yet
were sitting in front of computers and responsible for generating
construction documents. Of course, now he's using Revit and we
discussed how BIM required people with construction knowledge, as you
can't fake building a virtual building.

His last point was the annoyance of the 14 architects he was currently
working with, 13 of them refused to share their dwgs with him without
jumping through ridiculous hoops to relieve them of any liability.

The next conversation was with the owner of a small architecture firm
who now has 6 seats of Revit Architecture. He's been adding a new
person about every 4 months and he said how Revit gave him such a
competitive advantage and has made his business more profitable.

He said, to get started, they took existing CAD projects and converted
them to Revit models to get familiar with the program and the process.
That is something I recommend to many BIM newbies so I'm glad he took
my advice. I asked him if told other architects about Revit and he
said he was too busy with all of his projects to have any time for

Running theme here is BIM equals having work. Sure, that's not true
everywhere, but coming from a firm in South Florida, Revit has given
the architect the ability to get more projects.

So, now for the reason for this post in the first place is something I
said in both conversations.

What is BIM about? Is it about the software? Is it about
technology? Is it about Revit? None of the above. It's about
people. It's about people who want t work together. It's about
people who want to solve problems, share information, collaborate and
behave like professionals.

There's Responsibility, Liability, Profitability and then there are
those with 'No Ability'.

So, let's look at the word Ability. Can we use Knowbility, those who
have experience and a great shareable knowledge base? How about
NObility, those who say no to everything. NO Revit, no paying for
proper training, no sharing of dwgs, no working with others, no
proactivity. NO NO NO vs KNOW KNOW KNOW. We know BIM is better. We
know Revit and other newer technologies help the workflow and
processes and we know that we know that the NObodies don't know what
they're missing and we are the Knowbility.

...and if you thought there was a typo in my title, our members of the
BIM world are the few who know better, hence the play on words
Fewtility. It will be years before there are enough savvy and
experienced BIM modelers to fill every future Revit job position.

Thanks for making it through another of my Revit rants.


Jeremy Stroebel August 12, 2011 at 10:50 AM  

As a young person with an architectural background now working in construction, I agree with the anger of not being able to get DWGs and dealing with the NO crowd. But sadly, even as we continue to try and utilize BIM in construction, we are facing the same issues with getting Revit documents. Long legal documents basically saying they Revit model we are PAYING for (still don't quite get that) is completely useless b/c legally we can't trust it for anything (including coordination which is most of the reason we are getting them in the first place). Its really frustrating as someone whos been on both sides of the table to see the lack of coordination, communication, and teamwork continue even as technology and processes shift from 2D to 3D BIM.

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