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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BIM Simulation Definition

I was just cleaning up some olds notes in Evernote (one of my favorite
Mac, PC, Droid, iPad and web synchronized apps) when I came across
something I scribbled down a year ago.

CIMulate. I was trying to figure out what I had written down. I
think I started with 'simulate' for all of the simulations you can do
in Revit and Navisworks.

SIM turned into CIM, Construction Information Management.

U Late? You're late..with the drawings, responses to RFIs and
letters, the schedule, the pricing, the construction, the meeting, the
analysis reports, the responses to your consultants.

Wow, a new word just popped into my head. BUMulate.

BUM = Business Uncoordinated Management. That's for all the people not
using BIM software and processes to interact better with their team
and work together for the project and the owner.

I guess it's back to being all about time and management of time,
information and scheduling.

SIMulate, Stupid Incompetent Morons, you're late again. Shall that be
our secret safe word?
Is that any better than RFIs, Real Freakin' Idiots?

Lastly, there's always the classic SD, DD and CD one, Stupid
Drawings, Dumb Drawings and Crappy ( or Costly) Drawings. Are you at
75%DD yet?

Remember, this is all in fun, even though true. This isn't to offend
you, since you're reading this, it makes you one of the That special
group that gets it.



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