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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fwd: Trelligence Affinity Release Update Notification: 6.1.28

Here is a little update to one of my favorite software partners' products. What a huge early design timesaver. Contact me for info, pricing or a demo.

Trelligence Affinity Release Update 6.1.28 is now Available

Major Changes in this Release Update:

Design, Stacking Diagram, & 3D View
  • Properly displays line styles & weight for grid overlay
  • Improves ease & precision when positioning background images
  • Resolves the Issue that caused background images to shift after reloading the project file.
  • Fixes actual area calculation refresh issue when departments were placed in the Design View
  • Resolves issues in the Stacking Diagram related to room placement - rooms now placed appropriately when moved between buildings
  • Prevents grids from displaying in the 3D View
  • Resolves building & object rotation issues in the 3D View
  • Fixes building rotation issues in the Site View
General Updates: Reports, Scripts, Templates
  • Displays capacity program items with a capacity value = 0 as a program item with quantity = 0
  • Improves control over the rounded corner radius setting in the rounded rectangle mode
  • Fixes the duplicate function in the Report Editor by consistently inserting the new duplicate item just below the item being duplicated
  • Improvements to the Layout Department script
  • Fixes issues in the Layout Department script that caused items on the 1st floor, or any floor belonging to both scenarios, to be deleted from both scenarios
  • Resolves remaining item rotation issues
  • Enables departments & rooms to be moved from one building to any floor in another
  • Repairs the issue that created duplicate family objects when saving to the template
  • Fixes double-clicking issue that opened a blank view when editing template objects in Affinity
Integration with Revit & VE
  • Fixes syncing error from Revit that caused some rooms to load into Affinity at a smaller size due to a particular placement of a room column in the room coming from Revit.
  • Repairs memory leak that occurred when exchanging data with IES synchronization and when rearranging columns in an Affinity view
How to Download and Install this Release Update

Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@trelligence.com with any questions about this release update.


Trelligence, Inc.


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